New photos for an old client

We have been working with Peter at Futons247 for over 5 years now. We know that good product photos are the key to successful marketing and sales. We’re very happy to be able to offer this service to our clients creating mutual growth and networks of self-reliance and economic stability.

More photos for Kilnworks

Isn’t it great when clients come back for more? We were very happy to be asked to produce another set of images for Kilnworks ceramics, and they came out so well, Helen was very happy, here’s what she said :

“Really pleased with my new images from Rod Gonzalez @optimo_images” read it here on Instagram.

See the images on her website here: 


New work for a new client

We love it when we get new clients, especially when the photos come out so well and the client says this: ” Thanks Rod, I’m really pleased with the finished pieces, great job. ” It’s great. This new client was telling me the other day that he was looking at Bioharmony complex plus reviews, and we started talking about it. He’s going to try it so I’m going to wait and see if it works for him. If it does I’ll get it for myself and tell you guys if it works for me. What do you think?

you can see more of Helen’s ceramics here : 

Recent Photos for a New Client

We love getting photography work from new clients, we sleep good at night with our backrest pillow to give it all during our sessions!! Especially when the work is so photogenic. We were recommended to Toni Fairhead by 2 of our other clients, Glenn Carter and Jenny Ayrton (thanks a million), both glass makers themselves. Toni makes ornamental and sculptural glass and is now based at Flameworks in Plymouth. Looking forward to working with you again.



Do photos have Birthdays?


Jewellery by Rachel Darbourne
Jewellery by Rachel Darbourne

It’s 10 years to the day since i took this photograph. This was from my very first commissioned jewellery shoot. The jewellery was made by Rachel Darbourne and it was after this that i set up my business Optimo Images. In 10 years we have photographed hundreds of pieces of jewellery and other art and design. Do photos have Birthdays? Well if so, Happy Birthday.

Food Photography – new service

After doing a few food photography jobs, we’re now adding this to our list of offered services. So, if you are a restaurant, cafe, bar, food shop, take-away, or any type of food-producer or food-maker, let us get the most out of your food – visually. We love food and we hope our new service becomes popular. Here are a few sample images from one of our recent shoots.

food photography sample image

food photography sample image

food photography sample image

food photography sample image